Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh Happy Paris!

I've been to Paris once. It was wonderful in the way that only Paris can be. And it was also kind of miserable.

It was February and it was freezing cold -- add to that the dinky, dark hotel that was nearly impossible to find (I spent a long time wandering the streets looking for it), and the fact that when I checked in, they informed me in broken English that the heat was broken. And so was the hot water.

So I slept in my sweatshirt and I didn't shower for four days (apparently I wasn't the only one -- the stench in those underground metros was intense).

But despite all of that, Paris still enchanted me. It really is a city of light and music and romance, full of warmth that the winter chill and gloomy sky can't touch. It was fast and exciting, and those four days were like riding a bright, sparkling (cold!) carousel, right down to the accordion music.

I'm posting this partly because I would love to win the 7-day trip to Paris contest that blogger Oh Happy Day  is sponsoring. (I just discovered her blog and I'm going to have to spend more time there -- looks like lots of fun stuff!) If you'd like to enter too, click here for the contest rules and information.

But I'm also posting this because whether I win or not, it was nice to relive those memories for a few minutes.

Gorgeous photo from Mr. and Mrs. in Paris.
I forgot to mention that my photos of the sparkling Eiffel got erased.
That's another bad Paris memory.


  1. ... Erm... yeah, that last bit is my fault. Probably the lowest point in my trip, too. :(

    I guess we just have to go back and take new ones.

  2. I agree -- I think we should go back. The second time around should be much better:)