Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You kids get off my lawn!

I spoke with a woman earlier who needed her school records from the '70s. Requests for school records are supposed to be submitted online -- it's faster and easier both for the students and for us.

Instead of the usual response ("It's online now? Ok thanks!"), I received a torrent of shouting into the phone: "I don't use the internet, I won't use the internet, I resent being forced to use the internet for everything!"

When I could finally hang up, all I felt was pity. What must it be like to resist change with such vehemence? The world is passing her by and she's shaking her fist at it instead of hopping on for the ride. Ten or twenty years from now, she may just regret her attitude.

But more likely, she'll still be railing against the internet, crotchety and bitter, seeing herself as the last of a superior but dying breed.


1 comment:

  1. She had no right to be a bitch, but I can understand her frustration.