Monday, September 20, 2010

Missed connections

I got a call from someone today, a friend I went to high school with.

I had received faxed documents from him just a few minutes before, and I noticed his name written at the top. I had no intention of actively pursuing a conversation with him (we hadn’t been close friends), but I decided that if he called to confirm the fax, I would certainly reintroduce myself and we'd have a momentary reunion.

Shortly after the fax came, he did call to ask if it had been received. My voice was overly cheerful and a bit too loud as I answered that yes, we had. I smiled wide and paused, my lips on the cusp of forming themselves into the words. But then I couldn’t decide on which words to use. Hi, remember me? Hey, it’s Missy, your old high school chum? Should I say anything at all? Would it be awkward?

I paused, he paused, and the silence was like a canyon between us for five very long seconds, until he said thank you, and I said have a nice day, and we both said goodbye.

I hung up. I still don’t know why I choked.

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