Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pancakes in a can? Yes, please!

We found this pancake-batter-in-a-can and we had to try it. I mean, aerosol pancakes. How cool is that?

We tested it out not long ago. So now, for your viewing pleasure, this is Pancake #1.

Notice how Andy reads every single ingredient. It's almost like having the can right in front of you!

Though Pancake #1 was a bit thin and sickly, Pancake #2 turned out much better.

We weren't paid to advertise, or anything. We just thought it was cool. Even the name is cool: Batter Blaster! It's like a breakfast superhero!


  1. Yum! I like a good superhero breakfast!

  2. i just loved getting to hear your voices! especially andy's rambling. haha. i've missed missed MISSED you two!!!

  3. hey! I'm putting in a plug for my own blog. after a hiatus of about a year or so I'm bringing it back... u are my ownly real follower so I am putting in a plug for you to follow again... lol