Monday, June 28, 2010

So does this make me an official adult now?

I had been waiting to post this for the sake of some things to work out at my current job, but now that everything is in the open there....

I got a new job!!!!

A REAL job! Full-time! With benefits! And a bigger paycheck! In this economy!

I'll be the transcript manager at the university I graduated from a year ago. It involves not only sending and receiving transcripts, but also assigning academic advisors and working with professors to make sure final grades come in, and so on.

I think it will be a little strange to return to college not as a student but as administrative faculty. I'll have to call my former professors by their first names, and my relationship with them will be as an equal rather than a student.

My inner worrier and people-pleaser starts to surface with these thoughts. Will those former professors be disappointed somehow? Will they feel that I'm not living up to my potential because I haven't moved on to some successful big-city career? Am I just capitulating to my own expectations of whatever is supposed to happen after you graduate? But that's crazy anyway, because I've never been a stereotypical "ambitious career woman."

Maybe I'm disappointed because I haven't yet done what I originally set out do do -- become a writer.

But lots of people want to be writers. And the bills still have to be paid.

It seems that I will worry no matter what happens, so I intend to start my job with optimism and confidence, and awesome office supplies from Knock Knock, like these sticky notes.

Photo via Knock Knock

And who knows? Perhaps I will decide to pursue graduate school as well. With a full-time job. Now that's crazy.


  1. "Maybe I'm disappointed because I haven't yet done what I originally set out do do -- become a writer."

    please shut up.

    I am not trying to be a dick, but writers write. You ARE a writer.

    You wrote this blog, and i read it.

    writers put thoughts into words for people to read.

    You're a writer, so shut up with this 'im not a writer nonsense' and keep writing.


  2. yaaaaay you! having a full time job is such a good feeling. congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! I have considered you an official adult for awhile now. In a good way- not in an old lady way.

  4. I kind of agree with rF, after all I guess it comes down to your motivation for wanting to be a writer. Do you pursue the title,approval, and success... or do you want to write for personal satisfaction and enjoyment (or whatever reason you do it for). Since you are human, it is probably a bit of both. I think many writers endure this dilemma between passion and ends. Your struggle is one of those rungs of the ladder along the way that you can't put on a resume.