Monday, May 17, 2010

The thought that crosses my mind today

For quite a while now, I've been feeling a sort of professional malaise. I don't know if it's appropriate to describe my current job(s) as dead-end, but those are the first words to come to mind.

I know, I know -- I am supremely lucky that I'm able to make money and pay the bills in this economy, etc, etc. But at the same time, the jobs are lonely and not really what I set out to do. I came into these jobs expecting them to be temporary stepping stones to the places I wanted to go. But when does temporary end?

As time passes, and as job prospects are few and far between, I'm finding myself mildly considering graduate school.

Yes, I think I really did just say that.

It's not that I never considered it. It's just that it was always a "Maybe Possibly Someday" in my mind, rather than a "Perhaps This Fall."

There are some serious pros and cons to hash out. I don't really want to write more research papers -- or a thesis, for that matter. But I can't deny that having a goal to work toward would be a nice change from my current state of monotony, even if that goal is just getting another degree.

And I won't lie: the prospect of taking more literature classes does make my inner English minor feel giddy. She had really hoped to be an English major but never got the chance.


  1. Ahh! There were so many times I wanted to switch to an English degree. I was afraid to pigeonhole myself (I'm pretty sure I could not teach English. Ever. Again.), although I did secretly wish I could just read novels and write all the time.

    But yeah, graduate school. I am afraid to even start looking for real jobs because I know there aren't any out there... I'd rather remain blissfully ignorant as to how bad it really is out there. And anyway, I want the fancy "CMFT" after my name. :)

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  3. Sorry. My comment posted twice. And now you have three. Ish.

  4. what graduate degree are you considering?

  5. DO IT!

    having that degree puts you 8 steps ahead of the average job seeker, plus just imagine how accomplished you'll feel!

    don't think of the money, because there's never enough of it even if you have billions

    education is something that requires momentum, and if you have even the least bit go for it.

    I sound like a hypocrite because I am not in school, and here I go telling you to go for it.

    I guess in my experience its much easier to come up with reasons not to go than to go, so don't give yourself time to think of reasons not to go... just go.

    You and Andy both are too intelligent to not pursue graduate studies in your respective fields. (in my humble opinion.)


  6. It would be an English degree. English is probably what I should have studied all along. But if someday I have an opportunity to teach English, I don't think I could teach ESL again. Teaching literature wouldn't be so bad. I really love literature.

    Thanks for the support. I will think and pray about this. I'm afraid to make a rash decision out of boredom and desperation. But then again, I've always been more likely to overthink my decisions rather than underthink them.

  7. you could wait a couple more years and we'll do it together! haha. i'm going to finish up the five classes i have for the current masters i'm working on, then i'm going to start an MA in English too. and you should all feel just as jealous as you do. majoring in English ROCKED! ;) but i'm sure your degrees were plenty fun too. :D