Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear College Degree,

You are no help at all.

I'll let you make it up to me: you help me get full-time employment, and I will conclude that I haven't wasted my time with you.



  1. i said something similar to mine for the past year. it's FINALLY about to pay off. or at least start to. haha. no worries, love. things are going to level out with the economy SOME time and then we'll all be right where we planned on being. i mean, common, even the Depression ended eventually. right? :)

  2. this doesn't give me any motivation to return to school...or maybe it does.

  3. Yeah... that's pretty much the main reason I decided to go to graduate school. Nothing else to do.

  4. I felt like this yesterday at my graduation. For 10 minutes (while we waited) a video played, speaking of all the good having a degree would do. Yet after 6 months, the people I studied with have either a part-time job or are unemployed, to put to their name.

    I realise I'm in the wrong country for the degree to be of any worth yet. I continue with my Hons this year, as crazy as that sounds, while waiting for a good idea to hit me to either bring me to my senses or give me super powers.

    What are you studying?