Monday, April 19, 2010

Crazy Critters: Not so much

I've seen these Crazy Critters things everywhere. They're supposed to be perfect for the dogs who tear up toys and leave stuffing all over the floor. Like my dog.

My carpet is always covered in great gobs of white stuffing, so I looked into these toys. They're touted as "Super strong and durable!"

A fluffy toy that is also strong? I've been dreaming about a dog toy like this!

I haven't bought any, but after looking at them, I can say one thing with certainty: Miles would rip through a Crazy Critter in 10 minutes flat. Sure, there wouldn't be any stuffing. I'll give them that.

Instead, there would be little bits of fur all over the floor. He also eats those little bits of fur.

He is like the Tasmanian devil, a little tornado with teeth. And if there does exist an indestructible toy (some say the Kong fits the bill), he isn't interested. See, the irony is, Miles will only play with toys he can destroy.

This is why I buy him cheap pillows. And give him cardboard boxes. And why my floor is messy 98% of the time.


  1. You are such a patient dog parent.

  2. That dog in the "see how happy this dog is with our product" picture reminds me of Miles.

    And yeah... I don't trust anything that isn't solid rubber, at this point. Whatever the non-stuffing is in that thing, it would be all over my carpet in a matter of a week.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and this post made me laugh. my dog also destroys all stuffed animals - but she loves it so. I got some of the unstuffed ones and she is much better with them than with the stuffed ones -- they last quite a while. She still rips them open to get to the squeaker in about 30 seconds , but then after that they survive quite a long time -- we have the Skinneeez brand. Of course, empty toilet paper rolls are her favorite :)

  4. I have a mini dashie who goes insane for stuffed toys. He picks the sowing to get inside, than eats some of it with the material and after a bit (probably) realises that it doesn't have the right flavouring and gives up. I haven't tried the crazy critter's toy yet, but think he'd probably tear it up, eventually.

    I have, in the mean time, made a makeshift toy for him. A sock toy. It's 2 socks to be exact. One is rolled up inside the other while the other has a knot to keep it in. :) It's been the longest "toy" to have survived.

  5. I used to hide a round metal bell inside layers of old socks. Miles just tore through the socks to get to the bell. To this day, that bell is still one of his favorite toys, and since it's metal, he hasn't destroyed it. He paws it and kicks it around like a cat.