Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful design

I recently discovered a wonderful shopping experience right in my backyard. Well, not literally, but here in Chattanooga, some great shopping has popped up in one cool place called Warehouse Row. I went there just the other day to shop at a new cosmetics store and it was perfect and I intend to visit again soon.

I probably wouldn't have blogged about this had I not seen some of these photos that I just HAD to share. I love clean, white design and lots of, well, white space and white colors and white textures (though I also enjoy other colors). I'm posting these because they made me swoon. They're from Revival Uncommon Goods and Amanda Pinson Jewelry.

Unfortunately, I can't afford much of anything offered in these boutiques, but the design is inspiring nonetheless. I want to live right there in the store.


  1. I love the look of all the white dishes! And the white pillows! I get the Pottery Barn catalog and in the spring they had all of these things with little birds and everything was very fresh and nature-y and twiggy like in the picture with all the dishes. I love it!

  2. Since I mentioned it:

    And the cutest salt and pepper shakers ever: