Thursday, March 11, 2010

The State of the Living Room

So far, here is what it looks like -- with the new couch!

Now, it may not be the skinniest of couches, but it's not the fattest either. I'd call this Average Couch, gotten for a very average price (or probably below average -- it was on sale, and we're poor). After looking at many, many furniture stores in town, we finally found this at the last place we looked (isn't that how it always goes?). For now, it's the right couch at the right price. Maybe someday I'll be able to shop at Room & Board...

To the left of the couch you can see a chair skeleton. Here's the other one:

It's a bit sad in my living room at the moment. 

But on the bright side, here's a pillow that I made (albeit a few days before Design*Sponge's wonderful tutorial on making zippered throw pillows came out, so it doesn't have a zipper). It's the green one.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's Andy and Miles hanging out on the new couch. 


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  2. I LIKE! One day many years from now we will finally make our houses look the way we've always dreamed. But until then Thrift Store treasures are what I'm living off of. However this doesn't even come close to being at that level. Well done! Looks like a good place to call home to me!

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  4. sorry... why does it tell you it refuses to post it then posts it multiple times?

  5. like it, missy! we just got cheap new couches too!! i'll have to post pictures of FB sometime. :) hope things are well for you two!

  6. Oooh..! Those chair skeletons - they have good bones!! They'll be great with a little help. And your pillow is really pretty - and so are those two hanging out on the couch! Nice job.

    And I answered your question about windows back at my space... but in case you don't go back: any salvage place or Habitat store... craigslist, ebay... I've gotten old windows from people who were upgrading theirs in the neighborhood - for free.


  7. I like your living room and especially that pillow. Green is great. You are very creative and DIYish.