Thursday, March 25, 2010

S is for Seedlings

I am determined to grow some herbs and vegetables, so a couple weekends ago I started some seeds. I am very optimistic about their chances this season. I am more knowledgeable than I was a year ago, and I can say with confidence that the Great Plant Massacre won't happen again.

Also this year, I'm getting involved in a CSA share program (Community Supported Agriculture). There are a number of farms around here that do it. Basically, a local farm delivers a certain share of its produce every week or every other week. It feels kind of expensive, because you do have to pay up front, but when I calculate it, it's not really much more than I would be spending at the grocery store. Plus, I get local farm-fresh produce from the end of April until November. There is more information about CSA programs here.

Any of you Chattanoogans interested in getting involved, check out the Rise N Shine Farm out of Calhoun. They'll be delivering to Greenlife Grocery, as well as a few other places in the area. And they're needing more people to sign up in order to meet their operating expenses. This is my first time trying a CSA program, so I can't speak from experience, but I'm really excited about it.

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  1. I like that you use pots instead of giving up because you live in an apartment. Good idea.