Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Six years of devotion

I'm gonna geek out a little here and express my intense joy and elation (and sadness) at the start of the new season of Lost.

I've been a devoted fan since 2004, when it started. It was more than just a show to me. It coincided with the start of my freshman year in college, and a tradition was born, as well as some close friendships. Our group would get together and watch it every week, sometimes with a lot of us and sometimes with just a few, sometimes with snacks, sometimes with homework on our laps. (We stopped bringing the homework after a while, because that just doesn't work.)

We did this every year, every season. During commercial breaks we'd hash out Lost theories, or talk about school and work, or sit in stunned silence.

When I went away to Prague for a year, I could only afford to download one TV show from iTunes, and of course, it was Lost.

I'm thrilled to start another season with those same friends, but I'm saddened that every new episode is one closer to the end. It will (hopefully) answer all the questions we've had since season one, but will also bring a close to many good memories.

I'd like to say we can just find another show to watch together after this one ends, but I know won't be the same.

Regardless, I am so excited I can hardly sit still. I'm posting this at about 11:30. Eight and a half more hours to go!

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  1. :) Who knew that this show would be so monumental throughout our college years, and even after?! Love watching it with you!