Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On the cottage

While I was in Prague, I didn't get to participate in one of the quintessential Czech weekend activities: the cottage. It seemed like every Monday, when I would come into class and ask my students what they did over the weekend, they would say something to the effect of "I was on the cottage." (Multiple lessons on prepositions stemmed from this phrase.)

But despite the 10 months I spent in Prague, I never got to experience this. It's been a Czech tradition for decades to go to a cottage during the weekends. (I think this is also traditional in other European countries, but I can only speak for Czechs.) Many Czechs own little cottages in quaint villages not far from the city. I think I got stuck in one of those cottage villages once and had to sleep outside. But that's another story.

I had to spend most of my weekends in Prague, but I wish I had gotten the chance to head to a real weekend cottage, because it always sounded like so much fun -- just hanging out with friends and family, surrounded by trees and hills, grilling fresh vegetables, getting away from the city and relaxing, spending the evening by the fire.

When I saw this Croatian cottage renovation at Design*Sponge, I fell in love. It's so simple and relaxing.

Someday, I'd like to buy a few acres of land in the mountains, not too far away, and build a cottage. Just a small one, something simple and rustic, where I could spend weekends Czech-style.

These amazing photos are by Damir Zizic. You can see more at the cottage's website, Kucica.

I have added it to my list of life goals. It's right up there with things like traveling the world and renovating an old house, things that require lots of time and money. But I can dream, anyway. If it ever happens, you can bet it's going to look a lot like this cottage. And yes, you can come spend weekends there with me.


  1. Oh, I can't wait for the day you have one! And yes, it better have a guest room, or at least a trundle bed...for me, of course. ;)

  2. Following in suit of Tandra, I must likewise insist on a guest room (or somewhere I can stay)! :)