Saturday, February 27, 2010

I love weekends. And sewing machines.

My mom bought me a sewing machine. Out of the blue (well, not entirely. I know I've been talking about sewing a lot.).

It came last weekend, and I've been contemplating what I should sew first. The chair fabric? A pillow cover? I found some cheap remnant burlap at the fabric store, and decided to christen the sewing machine with some lined bags. I would have made another one, but I didn't get that much burlap.

The sewing machine works great! Very smooth. And it threads the needle itself.

I think that sentence deserves an exclamation point. I don't know if a period carries the depth of significance and excitement I feel. And it threads the needle itself! or even And it threads the needle itself!

The bags are now in my kitchen. They take up some of my limited counter space, but they do it with such style. 

I love weekends because I have time to make breakfast, and I love breakfast. Moments after posing sweetly for my pictures, those oranges became juice.

And I also made banana nut muffins.

That's Miles in the background, staring intently out the window. That's one of his favorite hobbies these days.


  1. Miles knows there are plenty of squirrels to be patrolled out there... And congrats on your new sewing machine - mine is so old and cranky, I shudder every time I take it out to try to sew anything... Sigh.


  2. You didn't tell me about the new sewing machine! Very neat. I hope you'll get some good use out of it.

    Oh, and I like the burlap sacks. Good job! :)

  3. The fruit bags look like the bottom of someones rolled up pants. I am visualizing Huckleberry Finn's ankles and toes. Another decorative idea would be to have manikin's leg sticking out with its foot in the air. Definitely a good conversation piece. sewing machine. It threads the needle itself?! Awesome. You should go shopping with Nena. We're over due to get her a sewing machine.