Friday, February 19, 2010

Fat vs. Skinny

I'm talking about couches.

Andy and I are thinking about getting a couch. I have wanted to post about this for a long time, even though it's really pointless. But there's probably no better time to write a pointless post about sofas, right?

I'm picky about sofa styles. My preference typically trends towards mid-century modern.

Why? It's the Fat vs. Skinny debate. Example:

Fat Couch
Photo from Ashley Furniture. I am trying to avoid copyright infringement here.

Skinny Couch

Photo from Room and Board.

The first couch, from Ashley Furniture, looks fat to me. Just blobby, shapeless, fat. The skinny couch, a Murray sofa from Room and Board, looks sleek, thin, structured. I do not like fat couches, no matter how comfortable they may be. The ideal, I suppose, is a couch that is both skinny and comfortable. And affordable.

Andy doesn't think we need a couch to begin with, which is a totally separate question. I don't really have an answer, other than aesthetics. That seems incredibly shallow. But then I guess, so does the Fat vs. Skinny couch debate. But it's just a couch, so it doesn't matter if I discriminate based on looks. Nobody's feelings get hurt.

Except for Fat Couch. Sorry, Fat Couch. You just didn't make the cut.


  1. hmmm...that is a dilemma. I'd go with the comfy because not all comfy couches are lacking style, you know?! 10 years down the road (or however you plan on having it) you will not be as concerned with how modern it is, because, well frankly, it won't be by then. But that's just a personal opinion.

    And as far as Andy goes, no you may not neeeeeed one, but it sure is nice when you have guests over. ie: me. :)

  2. I'd go with the skinny couch.

    My case:
    1) I agree with you--this particular fat couch looks like "blobby, shapeless fat." It needs to go on a diet.

    2) I have a fat couch (it's not quite as overweight as this one). Ironically, the excessive plump makes it less comfortable; the back cushions shove me slightly more forward than I'd like to sit (and who wants to get a resistance workout while sitting on the couch?). The other grievance I have with my furniture is that it's too short (my legs hang off too much), but that's a different story.

    3) If "skinny couch" turns out to be anorexic, you can always put on a few pounds with stuffed pillows. :)

    4) I just like skinny. (It's not prejudice if I phrase it as what I like instead of what I don't, right?)