Friday, January 15, 2010

A revelation

I just went to a fabric store. I learned something. Apparently, $40 a yard is not an unheard-of price for good upholstery fabric (who knew?). In fact, it's pretty common for the price to be more. Twice as much, even.

So since I know the orange flower fabric will make me happy, and since I know I can't get much better for much cheaper, I'll just save my money and whine.

And hope I don't mess it up, because that's definitely money down the drain. And hope my dog doesn't chew it, because I can't be mad at my dog no matter how hard I try, and I will try very hard if he ruins my chair.

I also learned that I probably shouldn't go into a fabric store without money to spend, because being there makes my head want to explode with all the creative fabric-based things I could make (bags! quilts! dresses! pillows! chairs! curtains!).


  1. have you tried finding vintage fabric on Ebay?

  2. ok so...
    1. i'm glad you've found something that excites you as a hobby, and a little jealous! i'm still searching for something like that. unfortunately for me, i'm ridiculously awful at arts and crafts-type things.
    2. the dog is so big now! i saw that photo of him in your other post. i totally missed the puppy stage. :(
    3. this scrabble stuff is really fun. even though i keep getting shit tiles. :)