Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I couldn't possibly have known that

I have been hunting for fabrics for my newly found chair, spending countless hours slogging through Google pages. The vast majority of upholstery fabrics out there are really boring. I even searched "modern upholstery fabric" but came up short.

Silly me. I should have just typed "modern fabrics" and it would have solved my problem, but I thought (quite logically, in my opinion) that I would need to include the word "upholstery" in there somewhere, since that's what I was after.

Well a roundabout search through scads of other sites let me to Modern Fabrics. Tada! Just exactly the kind of modern upholstery fabric I was looking for! It's a bit late, unfortunately. I already have my heart set on Mod Green Pod. BUT there are lots of other amazing and retro fabrics there, and cheap too, since they're reclaimed from fabric factories and stores.

So basically, all it has done is made me want to reupholster MORE chairs. Is it bad for me to be searching for another project when I haven't even finished this one?


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  2. Yes. I believe it's called project polygamy. Just smack a big scarlet A on your chest, why don't you.