Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A chair obsession explained

You're probably sick of hearing about chairs, but I'm sure this isn't my last post about them, which is why I propose to explain why I've found a sudden interest in furniture.

For most people, a chair is just a chair. Its purpose is twofold: it is a place to sit, and it is an object with which to decorate, but when it comes to buying a chair, chances are that you won't buy a chair you don't like. You'll continue looking until you find a chair you do like.

Well imagine only needing to like a chair for its shape. Beyond that, it's fully customizable! Don't like the fabric? Switch it with one of the millions of other cool fabrics out there! Don't like the color of the frame? Paint it any color you please!

A whole new world of options has exploded onto my senses. It's like my brief foray into eating meat. After a lifetime of being vegetarian, suddenly I could enter a restaurant and actually get whatever was on the menu. I remember walking into all my favorite restaurants as though it were the first time, staring at the options like a blind person who could suddenly see. You mean I can get ANY of this stuff? I'm not limited? No more frustration at finding slim pickings on the menu? No more asking for subsitutions, like "I'll have the burger please, but, uh, without the actual burger. Can you do that?" (That is the rebellion of a vegetarian, ladies and gentlemen. If only I could travel into the past to my teenage years and tell my parents that the extent of my recalcitrance is a chicken sandwich. I probably could save them a few years of stress.)

Anyway, when it comes to chairs, I have discovered that I have the freedom to make them into whatever color or texture I desire. I can now have one-of-a-kind chairs that no one else in the world will have. There are probably hundreds--thousands--of chairs (or sofas, or other pieces of furniture) languishing away in forgotten corners of offices, homes and flea markets, waiting to be revived by a new coat of paint and a vivid fabric. Suddenly, I'm looking at chairs with new eyes, seeing their potential and itching to unleash my creativity, which has been bottled up for far too long (I'm convinced college is a creativity-quasher).

But knowing me, it's probably just a phase. Which is why I need to get on with the reupholstering, quickly, before I'm onto the next thing, so at least I can get some good chairs out of the deal.

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