Thursday, August 13, 2009

If it's not one thing, it's another

I'm so frustrated at all these "healthcare plan opponents" who are just inciting fear and spreading rumors. Everything has been blown wildly out of proportion, and people are protesting things that aren't even factual anymore. "It's going to be FASCISM!!! Or SOCIALISM!!! They'll kill old people!!! The government is taking over our lives!!! It's just like 1984!!!!!!"

I want to slap them, tell them to wake up, chill out, take a breather, and look at the facts. You know why? Because I really want this public option insurance. I am a hard-working, college educated, legal American, who doesn't pop out kids to get welfare, who lives within her means, but still can't afford health insurance.

I can't go to the doctor. Not if I need to, not if I want to. Not if I get swine flu this fall, or bronchitis, or even strep throat. Not if I need a prescription. Not even if I can pay with cash! So many clinics won't even let me talk to a doctor without insurance.

It feels like all these protesters are just selfish. If it works for them, it works for everyone else too, right? Maybe I'm totally wrong on this, and maybe I'm the one with all my facts screwed up, but all I know is that the current system is not working for ME.

I wish I could say this somewhere where it would get some attention. I'm afraid the six of you who follow my blog don't have much say in the matter either:(

Maybe I should write my representative in Congress.


  1. you should. and also, ask him if he can nudge the tx rep and ask him to lower college tuition. or just send me some cash. either is fine by me.

  2. i'm into green and brown right now. at least, that's what colors my room is... like chocolate brown and various rich shades of green, like olive and leaf.

    but really, whatever you make i would hang it up. unless it's a fingerpainting. those REALLY creep me out, don't know why... i'm going to make a terrible parent. haha.