Thursday, July 9, 2009

More puppy disappointment

So I found some really cute puppies on Petfinder. Adorable. They were going to be available in Nashville this weekend!

I thought about them all day long, intending to talk tonight with Andy about whether we should get a puppy right now. I emailed the place just to make sure they'd be there.

I get home, I go exercise, I have dinner, I check my email.

They're not available. People have been applying for them all week. I just missed it.

I think my standards are lowering. I wanted an Australian Terrier, but when that fell through, I wanted one of the adorable puppies. Now, I just want a puppy at all.

I should just be patient. So with a sigh, I'll wait until tomorrow and check the postings again. If there's a cute puppy out there, I'm not gonna be the last to know about it this time.

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