Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's not exactly a collection

Some people collect stamps or coins. I used to collect banana stickers (those ones that come on bananas, like Dole and Chiquita), and old calendars. But I was young and weird.

Anyway, I have recently (and I don't even know how this happened) developed an interest in Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture. I think I would like to make it a goal to visit his houses and structures, at least the ones that are available to tour, sometime in my life (there are about 400 total, but most of them are private and you can't tour them).

I really can't explain why I want this. I have some friends who like to visit lighthouses, and have visited as many as possible. It's like collecting themed experiences rather than little objects.

It's just a thought I've been formulating for a little while.


  1. You were awful close to the Price Tower(bartlesville,ok) in June.

  2. Well, it's a pretty cool thought if you ask me. :) especially if they're all as awesome looking as that place...

  3. "I used to collect banana stickers... But I was young and weird."

    love it.