Friday, June 12, 2009

It's beyond me

I find it amusing to point out stores with names that were probably thought to be clever puns at the time, but are really not because they're cheesy, or they don't make sense, or both.

I've found two of them in Atlanta.

"Lettuce Souprise You" is a restaurant with just too many food allusions that don't really make sense, because when you say it out loud, "Let Us Surprise You" is simply not a good name for a restaurant. It does not make me want to eat there.

Or how about the sex shop named "Inserection." It makes me think that the creators of the store just wanted the name because they just wanted to somehow "cleverly" use the word "erection." They make some sort of link to a "sexual revolution" or something on their website, but it's a stretch.

There's another crafty store some where in North Carolina called "4 Seasons 4 U." Or maybe it's "Four Seasons 4 U." It really doesn't matter. It's heinous either way.

Maybe I'm just anal about these things, when other people think they don't matter. In the long run, I'm sure they don't, but they provide me with a momentary wry laugh and a sigh for the plight of our culture and creativity.

I probably shouldn't even get going on badly designed websites, misspelled and mispunctuated signs, eggcorns, and the nonsensical common use of the word "literally" in place of "figuratively." Like, "I literally laughed my head off" or something. Fortunately, there are lots of people who agree with me, and there's even a blog devoted to the many abuses of the word.


  1. I refuse to get a hair cut anywhere that isn't a barber, but especially places with adjectives like 'Super', 'ultra', 'fantastic' et cetera. I just hate it.

    I guess its not necessarily anal... I dunno.

    But that 'inserection'... it makes me think of some horrible b-rate sci-fi film.

  2. lol lindsey would have a blast with this post... here is a text message from her "gas station name. Kwik Sak *buries head in hands*"

  3. actually, i think i would eat at Lettuce Souprise You. well, i'd at least go inside and look at a menu. that's just funny to me.

  4. Missy, I feel guilty because I jumped over to Blogspot this evening for the first time in decades (literally). *smirk* And I realized how much I've missed of your blog. (Will I ever catch up?) This one particularly caught my attention. Imagine that. We all have our idiosyncrasies. This irritant just happens to be one you, Lindsey and I all share. :)