Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Green thoughts

I just interviewed an architect for my job at the magazine. He calls himself a naturalist, and tries to be as non-invasive and sustainable with his designs as possible. His opinion is that this “green wave” isn’t new, but is part of humanity’s oldest instincts to work with nature.

I re-watched The Matrix the other day (can you believe that movie is already 10 years old?) and I was struck by how relevant the film is even today. At one point, Agent Smith gives his famous tirade about how humanity is like a virus, consuming all the resources in one area before moving on to another area, rather than living responsibly as the animals do. It struck a chord because this idea is now a major discussion point, and we’re changing – we’re finally thinking responsibly.

But while it’s good that we’re aware of our impact on the Earth, personally, I'm not sure I can afford to act on that awareness. As a recent college graduate still trying to learn how to balance my budget, I have learned that the green, organic products at the grocery stores are often more expensive than the mass-produced or processed ones. Do I choose the organic, expensive option, or the processed, cheaper option? I’ll admit that often, my wallet takes precedence over my conscience.

Is this green wave a new trend? A return to humanity’s roots? Will it stick around? And will the prices come down?

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  1. Its a trend in my opinion.

    Also, and interesting tidbit. I have never, and will never watch the matrix. I have this vendetta towards it and most any sci-fi.