Sunday, April 19, 2009

Snack time

We found some ripe avocados at Sam's Club today, and we got a great idea.

Fresh guacamole, homemade with cilantro from my little plants.



  1. ummmm...ok, so I haven't had lunch and now I'm starving cause of this!!!! yum is right!!

  2. I don't know if I approve of the whole 'Sam's Club' notion... but it looks like good guacamole.

  3. The idea that you have to buy a membership to save money. It seems like after you factor the membership in you really wouldn't be saving all that much money. It is what like 40$ a year?

    Plus Sams = Walmart. I am gainfully employed by Target. I have worked for wal-mart and their only motive is profit. All they care about in my experiene is making money even if freshness,quality,etc are compromised.

    I just don't enjoy shopping there.

  4. You have just devoted an entire blog to one of my closest, dearest and most-loved friends: the avocado (and its close relative, guacamole)! Cilantro, though? If I grew it, it would all be going to your house.