Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yes, we are moving! For sure and certain. Definitely.

They approved our application today. They say we can officially move in on the 25th, though we probably won't until like the 29th or 30th, because we figure it's wiser to wait until exams are over.

It's super nice, with two nice bedrooms. A dishwasher (no more doing stacks of dishes by hand!). Bigger (no more stuffing everything into this little place - did I mention it's only like 450 sq feet here?). Pest control (no more big, nasty, hairy spiders creeping in through the cracks). Better reception (no more dropped calls every few minutes). And a pool, fitness center, tennis courts, and we can have pets (I can't wait to get a dog!). And it's a total of 5 minutes from there to where I work. No more driving half an hour there and half an hour back! It's closer to Andy's school too.

That picture is from the site. Hamilton Pointe. Check it out.

I'm super excited about it. I actually haven't been inside, but Andy has, and he says it's perfect.

So...anyone have a truck we can borrow?


  1. Oh my word! I'm so happy for you! It looks fabulously nice. You will have me over for summer lemonade, right? ;)

  2. That pool is already inviting me, "Tandra, Tandra, come play in me. I'm lonely." Yep, see...lots of fun times this summer are to be had. Can't wait!

    Wish I hadn't gotten rid of my truck in times like these....