Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Job status, part 2

The phone call came early; they didn't get the bid. My editor thinks it was probably decided long ago, and a bid was just a formality to give the appearance of more choice.

I know she was feeling really bad and stressed about it, so I didn't feel like going up to her and saying "So, what's my job status?" I'm sure it's on her mind.

They're going to start another similar project on their own, as competition with the other project, and as a way to fill gaps that the other project has. I'm hoping that they'll need my help and want to keep me on.

Actually, at this point, I'm pretty sure I'll have some kind of job there. Just how many hours is up in the air. Will I have to find another part-time job? We'll see. I'm just waiting...


  1. waiting seems to be the theme of your days...waiting for the job status, waiting for graduation, waiting to see if you can afford to move. bless your heart. you're in my daily prayers, Missy!!

  2. "a bid was just a formality" Don't ya just hate that. Why even waste people's time like that. I've had that happen before.....