Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Love in one season?

I have never understood the popularity of The Bachelor.

That's not really the point of this blog, for those I may have just offended. I understand that people out there like The Bachelor. Obviously, people like it. After all, it's on its 13th season, and has an audience of about 10 million.

I have lots of reasons for not liking it but I won't go into them here.

I was just interested to see the status of all those couples brought together by this wildly popular TV show. Everyone wants to believe that love can happen like this, but the stats aren't too good. Only two out of twelve bachelor's have stayed with the woman they were engaged to at the end of the show. This thirteenth one remains to be seen. You can find this information on Us Magazine and on Wikipedia.

I don't know the stats of The Bachelorette but I imagine they're pretty much along the same lines.

Why does this show keep running when the concept is so obviously unsuccessful?

Maybe we want to believe anyway. Maybe we just like to watch attractive people be attracted to other attractive people, like a modern form of romance novel or something. Everyone loves a good love story.

Thing is, it's not a love story. It's a tragedy. These are relationships of real people on the line, emotions and feelings and real people. And they're failing.

But you won't see that on The Bachelor. They only go to the "Happily Ever After" ending, but no further.

Incidentally, that couple up there, that's one of the couples who broke up. Too bad.

I respect this guy for not choosing anyone.

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